Babee Greens Wool Nursing Breastpads


Babee Greens wool nursing pads are made from 2 layers of the finest and softest Oeko Tex 100 certified Merino Wool.  Wool is highly absorbent and is naturally breathable, so it is an excellent fabric for nursing pads.  It does not need to be washed with each use - simply let your wool nursing pads air dry when damp.  They contain no plastic, no PUL.

Wool nursing pads help promote a successful breastfeeding experience for every woman!  Wool nursing pads are comforting and warm, help prevent clogged milk ducts and breast infections, and absorb mild to moderate leakage.


Most women only need two or three pairs.

Let one pair dry while wearing a second pair.  Lanolin has naturally cleansing properties and will help keep the wool fresh and hygienic while it's drying.

Wool absorbs up to 30% of its weight before feeling wet. 

These pads stay comfortable and warm when wet, whereas cotton or disposable pads feel clammy and cold.

Wool pads keep your skin dry and allow air circulation, helping nipples heal fast.

Larger size helps protect the entire breast, which may help minimize plugged ducts and mastitis.


Made in the USA.

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