The Space Hero Cookbook


By Barbara Beery

Breadstick Blasters! Smugglers' Cupcakes! Intergalactic Birthday Cake! What better way to explore a galaxy far, far away than by cooking up some alien-inspired grub and cosmic crafts? With 30 space-themed recipes, bestselling author Barbara Beery provides full-color, easy-to-make recipes for your budding space cadet.

Recipes and crafts include:

- Wormhole Roll-ups
- Red Alert Ravioli
- Hyperspace Hummus
- Space Pirate Punch
- Carbonite Crayons
- Space Slug Slime
- Gamma Ray Glow Jars, and much more!
So don't go supernova without ideas. Just follow The Space Hero Cookbook through hyperspace, and enjoy Crafts, Drinks, Sweets & Treats, Savory, and Dips, Chips, & Snacks.

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