The Laundry Tarts All Natural Detergent 45/90 loads-Plain Jane - unscented


TOP LOADERS: For small loads use 2 tbsp. For medium to large loads, use 4 tbsp. For heavy or stubborn stains, soak for 1 hr or make a paste with water and scrub lightly with natural bristle scrubbing pad.

HE MACHINES AND FRONT LOADERS: Energy efficient machines use 1/3 less water than traditional top loaders making them better for the environment by saving water and less energy. Less water means less soap. Use 1 tbsp for small loads and 2 tbsp for

med-large loads. If needed, dissolve detergent in 1⁄4 cup of warm water for machines requiring liquid detergents. Caution: Do not overload your machine with heavily soiled items; doing so may require an additional rinse for proper soap and water dispersal.

CLOTH DIAPERS/CLOTH MENSTRUAL PADS: After a cold water wash or rinse to remove any particles, use a warm water wash with the above instructions based on your machine type. When switching detergents, always do a cloth diaper strip to avoid any residue or conflicting ingredient combining with other detergents. For cloth diaper stripping, ammonia or odor causing bacteria check out our Strip it! Formula.

VINTAGE/DELICATES: Hand wash or soak items for 15-30 minutes. Cold water wash. Hand to dry. For small delicates, wash in lingerie or mesh fabric bag.

HARD/SOFT WATER: Our detergents are formulated for city and hard water, simply use half the amount recommended for soft water.

CAUTION: Always keep your cleaning products, including laundry detergents away from pets and children. Although our products are very natural, they contain soap ingredients and may cause eye irritation should contact with eyes occur; flush with warm water should this happen. Our detergents should not be ingested, despite how delicious it may smell. Refrain from sticking head directly in bag. Do not use more than recommended. Do not overload your washing machine. Doing so may prevent adequate soap dispersal in order to have a proper clean.


Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Sodium Carbonate (Soda Wash), Sodium Percarbonate (Powdered hydrogen peroxide) Sea salt, Saponified coconut/canola oil, rosemary extract, phthalate free essential and fragrance oils.

Made in Canada

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