Painted Turtle Wooden Teething Pendant - Yang


This carefully handcrafted this pendant is made from locally sourced hard maple for mamas who would love to wear an alternative to the plain “donut on a string” nursing necklace. This pendant is both functional and funky, allowing mom to wear it even as a regular piece of jewelry—so it has lasting value even after the baby phase! 

In order to give the pendant a buttery soft feel, the crafters whet and sand it numerous times at a progressively higher grit and then finish it with certified organic, food-grade hempseed oil sourced from a Canadian farm. As an added bonus, this pendant is perfectly safe for babies to teethe on (because let's face is bound to place whatever is hanging around your neck in their mouth!) and is secure enough for busy little hands to play with while nursing or being carried around. We use waxed cotton cord, so this necklace also makes a great gift for vegans.

DISCLAIMER: Pendant should not be removed from the cord or left with an unsupervised baby or child. Necklace should only be worn by an adult. 

ABOUT Painted Turtle Toys: We are two parents who love handcrafting natural and worry-free fun. All our products are handmade in our home workshop and are heirloom quality. Buying local was already something we valued as a family, so it was important for us to continue practicing it in our business. That is why we make a point of ensuring that the wood we use is from regional species only, is responsibly managed, and locally milled. We also guarantee that the finish we use is 100% non toxic, organic, and Canadian. Disclosure is our middle name!

Made in Ontario, Canada!

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