Painted Turtle Rattle - walnut with ash accents


Made in Muskoka! 

This beautiful and easy to grasp rattle is sure to intrigue and delight your baby! James and Veronica designed it using contrasting woods that were sourced from a local, family-owned sawmill that has been responsibly managing their lumber for over 50 years. The "rattling" bits are unpopped popcorn kernels that are inserted at the beginning of the process, so there is no chance of the toy coming apart. In order to achieve that buttery soft feel, they whet and sand the rattle numerous times at a progressively higher grit—so it retains its softness even after being “goobered on”. You can feel safe knowing that those delicate little gums are not getting scratched. No rough spots or raised wood grain here! They then finish it with certified organic, food-grade hempseed oil sourced from a Canadian farm. 

All Painted Turtle Rattles comply with Health Canada’s Industry Standard for rattles, have undergone 3rd party testing to confirm USA CPSIA compliance, and (most importantly) have been tested and approved by James and Veronica's little guy. 

DIMENSIONS: 6" long x 1.85" at its widest point. Recommended for babies 7 months+

ABOUT Painted Turtle Toys: We are two parents who love handcrafting natural and worry-free fun. All our products are handmade in our home workshop and are heirloom quality. Buying local was already something we valued as a family, so it was important for us to continue practicing it in our business. That is why we make a point of ensuring that the wood we use is from regional species only, is responsibly managed, and locally milled. We also guarantee that the finish we use is 100% non toxic, organic, and Canadian. Disclosure is our middle name!

Made in Ontario, Canada