Padraig Slippers - Newborn to Toddler


Sure to stay on little feet, these wool slippers for babies come in a kaleidoscope of brilliant colours.

Soft and woolly newborn slippers. Made by hand with natural materials these slippers are the cutest slippers you have ever seen. Ultra comfortable for your little one and made of lovely vibrant colours that will delight the whole family. 

The Padraig Slipper is made with pure wool. Dyed and crocheted by hand with a extra soft sheepskin lining and tough leather soles for long lasting comfort. These slippers have the elasticity to stay put without being overly constrictive on young growing feet.

Don't see the colour you are looking for? Send us an email at to be notified when it is next in stock.

newborn: ages 0-3 months, 4 inches, shoe size 1
B3: approximately 3-12 months, 5 inches, shoe size 3
B5: approximately 12-24 months, 5.5 inches, shoe size 5
B7: approximately 2-3 years, 6 inches, shoe size 7

C9: approximately 3-4 years, 6.5 inches, shoe size 9
C11: approximately 4-5 years, 7 inches, shoe size 11

Y1: 8 inches, shoe size 1
Y3: 8.5 inches, shoe size 3

Each slipper is handmade, and each one is unique and may not be exactly as pictured.

Made in Canada
photography copyright Barefoot Babies, 2014

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