Oko Creations - Mini Panty Liners for Thongs- 2 pack


This is Öko creations smallest model with impermeable film integrated breathable . It is therefore completely waterproof and offers perfect protection for a light to medium flow during menstruation or for urinary leakage. Made of 2-ply absorbent hemp, it is thin, comfortable and efficient. Just like disposable towels, Öko washable sanitary napkins have wings. These keep the towel firmly in place thanks to a snap fastening under the underwear. The underpants are sold in packs of 2. The colorful patterns on the back of our towels are pretty and attractive! We invite you to read more about Öko sanitary napkins by consulting the FAQ section.

• Format: 2 pack
• Color: natural, back to the varied and colorful patterns
• Composition: 58% cotton, 40% hemp, 2% polyurethane (waterproof breathable membrane)
• Label-fabric: 100% certified organic cotton
• Label packaging: 100% FSC certified paper
• Made in Quebec, Canada

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