Moa Pô Mei Tai - Gand


Moa Pô is back at Barefoot Babies!!!

Since 2007, Moa P̫o has been designing and offering baby carriers and accessories.

The design of this mei tai is simple and versatile. It's shape automatically places the baby in a good position without any extra handling. The straps are practical and will allow you to carry your baby in three different positions: front-carry position, back-carry position and hip-carrier position.

The carriers are made with a strong and soft cotton twill. They contain 100% unbleached cotton padding to reduce the risk of allergies. 

The Moa Pô is made to grow with your baby from 9 - 35lbs. The straps are particularly long and large so that you enjoy your babywearing experience from the infant stage to past the toddler stage.  The curved body fits newborns especially well and the wrap-style straps add support for hefty toddlers.  Truly a comfy experience for all stages of babywearing - that's not a claim we make often at Barefoot Babies!

The Moa Pô comes in an impressive number of colours and prints. The carriers are also fully reversible.