Oko Creations - Mini Panty Liners - 2 pack


This sanitary napkin Öko creations is our lightest towel model. It does not contain breathable impermeable film . It offers light protection for thin losses during or between periods or for additional safety protection when wearing a tampon. Made of 2 layers of absorbing hemp, it is so thin and discreet that its presence is hardly felt. Just like disposable towels, Öko washable sanitary napkins have wings. These keep the towel firmly in place thanks to a snap fastening under the underwear. The mini Öko mini underwear creations are sold in packs of 2. They have colorful fabrics on the wings that make them look nice and attractive! We invite you to read more about Öko sanitary napkins by consulting the FAQ section.

• Format: 2 pack
• Color: natural in front and back, wings with varied and colorful patterns
• Composition: 54% cotton, 46% hemp
• Product label: 100% certified organic cotton
• Packaging Label: Paper 100% FSC certified
• Made in Quebec, Canada
• Article No: OK1025

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