Maya Wrap - Briar Rose (M) *CLEARANCE - FINAL SALE*

$85.00 $115.00

Maya Wrap Ring Slings are wonderful!  Made of beautiful hand-loomed, breathable fabrics, they are machine washable, fast, easy, secure and fit easily into a diaper bag or purse.


Carry your full-term newborn to ~17lb baby upright and tummy-to-tummy all day long, or shift your up to 35lb toddler safely to your hip for shorter trips.  Perfect for navigating snowy parking lots or long walks with independent but tired little legs.


While most people find they have a strong preference for either pleated or gathered shoulders on ring slings, we find that Maya Wrap's lightly padded shoulder makes everyone happy.  Unpadded rails and an open tail make this sling easy to adjust.  Looking for a place to keep a spare diaper, handkerchief or debit card?  No problem, Maya Wrap features a fairly large pocket to help you out.

Instructional DVD is included in the package.  Personal fitting and tips and tricks lesson included in-store!

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