How I Adorn Thee :: Teething Jewellery :: Pistachio in Paradise - retired

$22.50 $30.00

Rich, warm brown beads and a teardrop pendant are graced with soft wheat pebble beads, topped off with just a touch of pistachio for fun! This shorter necklace looks great on its own or paired with the Pebble Bracelet!

Made of 100% food grade silicone and North American maple hardwood beads and rings, the How I Adorn Thee ‘Mama Collection’ is safe for baby to chew and assists in maintaining focus while breastfeeding. Great to entertain your little angel at restaurants, out shopping, waiting in line, and during all your other daily tasks! Made with a breakaway clasp, the jewellery is meant to come undone if baby pulls too hard (also simple to remove and hand to baby if you need to!*). All this, in a piece of jewellery that actually looks like jewellery! Definitely a mama “win”! 

*How I Adorn Thee jewellery is not a toy. Children should always be supervised while accessing teething jewellery.

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