Everybody has a Bellybutton - Your Life Before You Were Born

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Laurence Pringle

illustrated by Clare Wood

Everybody has a bellybutton, but what is its purpose? Award-winning author Laurence Pringle provides the answer in this unique angle on life from a single cell to birth. Pringle explains how the bellybutton is a vital link to life-giving-nutrients, water, and oxygen for a fetus in the womb. Everybody's bellybutton is a reminder of that mysterious, yet wonderful, time of life before birth. Enhanced by Clare Wood's strikingly detailed illustrations, Pringle's gentle description of life in the womb is both understandable and enjoyable for young children. A note to parents and a book list for further reading are included.

Laurence Pringle is an award-winning author of more than eighty books about nature, science, health, and environmental issues. He is the author of Octopus Hug, Dinosaurs! Strange and Wonderful, and Taking Care of the Earth: Kids in Action. He lives in West Nyack, New York.

Clare Wood is a freelance illustrator whose work has appeared in Parents, McCall's, and People, magazines. She is the illustrator of the award-winning book Baby Steps. She lives in eastern Pennsylvania. Laurence Pringle has written 108 books for young readers, many of them award-winning science titles. He is the recipient of three major awards for his body of work-the Eva L. Gordon Award for Children's Science Literature, the Washington Post-Children's Book Guild Nonfiction Award, and a Lifetime Achievement Prize from the American Association for the Advancement of Science. He lives in West Nyack, New York-a few miles from Rockland Lake, once "the ice box of New York City."

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