Claudia's Choices Sample Size Laundry Detergent (60g)


<p>It rinses out completely and is hypoallergenic because it has no fillers, perfumes or stain-guard chemicals. This product is effective & safe for all your laundry needs, including cloth diapers, yet is gentle on baby’s skin.</p>

<p>If you own an energy efficient High Efficiency / Horizontal Axis washing machine, no problem. Our detergent is H/E rated (low sudsing). Claudia’s Choices Laundry Powder dissolves completely – even if you have hard water or prefer cold water washing.</p>

<p>Ingredients: Silicates and carbonate, surfactant, enhanced with water conditioners and plant-based anti-soil redeposition agents. Septic Tank Safe, NO animal testing, NO animal bi-products.</p>

<p>Made in Canada.</p>

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