Bummis BioSoft Liners-Large


Bio-Soft liners are flushable liners that make clean-up a breeze - they are the perfect compromise between convenience and cloth diapers. No more rinsing poopy cloth diapers in the toilet! Bio-Soft liners absorb the solid waste, and then you simply discard the soiled liner in the toilet and flush away the mess. They are non-irritating and ever so soft and comfortable against baby's sensitive skin.

These Bio-Soft liners are made of a non woven material with no binder, and will biodegrade very quickly (within 8 days in a sewage treatment system or 20 days in a septic tank).
They are 100% viscose rayon, a cellulosic fibre derived from natural sources, and are made to our specifications in England.100 sheets per roll, 
2 sizes: 
small: 5x12 inches
large: 7.5x12 inches 

When using cloth diapers that feature synthetic fabrics like suede cloth against baby's skin (as in may pocket type diapers), we recommend that you choose the large size of liner, as it will not move around as much inside the cloth diaper.

Please note that although the Bio-Soft liners are highly biodegradable, the flushing of any product like this can cause blockage in old or damaged drains or very sensitive septic systems.

Made in the UK.

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