Beco Gemini Pocket: Grey


The BECO Gemini is a fantastic carrier and one of our favourites at Barefoot Babies. This sleek, stylish and incredibly comfortable carrier is great for babies from full term newborn without any need for an infant insert and will stay comfortable up to 35lbs. We love how the body can be made smaller to accommodate little legs and then made wider as a baby grows for full knee-to-knee support. Straps cross at the back, which makes putting the carrier on super quick and easy for just about everyone and allows you to move the straps to different parts of your shoulder to activate different muscle groups. 

This model comes with a pocket attached to the waste band - perfect for a change purse or cell phone.


Even though the Gemini fits adults of all sizes, it is especially nice for petite women that find other carriers hard to tighten enough.  Remember:  high and tight!


All carriers purchased at Barefoot Babies include a complimentary lesson with a certified babywearing educator and ongoing support.  We want you to be as comfortable and confident as possible!

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