Flow Baby - Tuesday, July 17, 5:30-6:30 demo class


Amber Winnik is a certified school teacher, and Reiki practitioner who has a passion for understanding the energetic connection between babies and children with their environment and relationships.

After becoming a mother, she immersed herself in the study of energy medicine and worked to understand and deepen her connection with her baby. Her studies were also fuelled by her desire to gather women who want to take their power as Mother's back into their own hands.

Living in a time when the internet, books and sleep consultants disconnect us from our deep Intuitive 
knowing as Mothers, Amber's system was forged from a deep belief that our connection is all we need. From this foundation, she developed a new system based on her discoveries called FLOW Baby. FLOW Baby uses a four step process called M.O.V.E. which, through fun, movement and play, works through a series of exercises related to self awareness, grounding, and connecting to the energy line between ourselves and our babies. It will also focus on How to work with baby's energy to help them connect, release and communicate. The system will also help mothers to understand how to heal, and nurture energy blocks within themselves which ultimately clear their baby as well. Mothers will leave with the tools to continue this system at home. 

You can find Amber on Instagram 

This demo class includes a $5 gift certificate for your next visit to Barefoot Babies that will be presented to you upon completion of the workshop.