Aristocrats Wool Longies


This pure wool pull-on diaper cover (soaker pants) is made in a stretchy, double-layered knit designed for extra absorbency and protection. Untreated wool actually absorbs more than one third of its weight in moisture before it begins to feel wet. What's more, wool, being completely breathable, maintains normal body temperature - not too hot, not too cold - thereby greatly reducing the risk of diaper rash associated with heat and bacterial growth.

For a dry bed, these are hard to beat. But Aristocrats Diaper Covers are much more than just a night cover. Night and day they provide the comfort and protection your baby needs. For twenty four hour protection we recommend 3 to 4 covers rotated and air-dried between uses.

Unless soiled, Aristocrats Diaper Covers require laundering only about once every 2 weeks.

Made in Canada


Available in 3 sizes:

Small: 7-20 lbs

Large: 20-5 lbs

x-large: 35-50 lbs

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