AMP One Size Duo Starter Kit - Neutral Brights


The AMP One Size Duo Diaper kit has everything needed to start using cloth diapers easily and effectively.  Inside there are enough diapers to get through at least one day for a new baby or a day and a half for an older baby.  


The AMP one size Duo diaper is a revolutionary new diaper that combines both the benefits of the AI2 diaper and the pocket diaper all in a one-size diapering system.  The intelligent snap placement allows this diaper to have three different rise options and multiple tummy and thigh settings for a custom fit from birth to potty training (7-38lbs).  The outer waterproof layer is a soft durable Polyurethane laminate and the inside is a dreamy soft layer of stay dry micro fleece that is designed to wick wetness away and keep baby dry and comfortable.  The envelope opening is large enough for easy stuffing and is placed at the front of the diaper to make removing the insert easy and mess free.


Absorbent Hemp diaper inserts and boosters are made of a blend of 55% Hemp 45% Cotton fleece.  Each insert can be folded once to make a longer 4 layer Hemp insert for the large and medium settings or twice to make a shorter 6 layer insert for the small setting.  These inserts are completely customizable to meet every baby's needs, if extra absorbency is needed at night just add a booster.  


Stay dry fleece liners keep baby feeling dry by wicking moisture away from baby's skin.  Clean up is so much easier because solids just fall off the liner into the toilet.


Re-useable hemp wipes are durable and environmentally friendly and they wash up beautifully with the diapers.


Did you know that washing and drying cloth diapers can cost less than $1 per load?


Box Contents:


4 One size Duo diapers 7-38lbs. (Froggy Green, Red, Lemon, Aqua)

10 Absorbent Hemp diaper inserts

1 Two layer Hemp booster

1 Three layer Hemp booster

2 Stay dry liners

6 Re-useable Hemp wipes

Washing instructions

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