AMP One Size Duo Cover - Special Issue Combat Combo Deal


Product Description

AMP Special Issue Combat Combo Deal - Includes 1 amp one-size duo diaper and 1 amp mini wet bag (approx 8"x11")

The new AMP one size Duo pocket diaper (patent pending) is a revolutionary new diaper that combines both the benefits of the AIl-in-two (AI2) diaper and the Pocket diaper, and adjusts to fits babies from birth to potty training (7-38lbs). The envelope opening is large enough for easy stuffing and is placed at the front of the diaper to make removing the insert easy and mess free. To use this diaper as an All in two diaper, place the insert on top of the fleece making sure that the absorbent insert is between the elastic gathers instead of placing the insert inside of the envelope opening. If the diaper is still dry replace the absorbent insert with a dry one and re-use the diaper. To use as a pocket diaper, just stuff the pocket with the insert of yor choice!

Inserts and boosters are sold separately. 

Please note: the hemp and bamboo inserts can be stuffed if you would like to use these diapers as pockets, or they may used right against baby's skin if you would like to use these diapers as all-in-twos. Microfibre inserts, however, are not designed to touch baby's skin and must be stuffed in the pocket.


Proudly designed by a Canadian mama, and made in Canada!

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