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Parent Resources

Ways to Connect and Find Support for Hamilton Parents

The thing we miss the most about Barefoot Babies is our Community Space. We loved hosting our community in a comfortable, accessible, safe space; a place that was easy to bring your kids and to be yourself, even if that meant being sad and messy (because let’s face it — parenting is sad and messy some days!)

We loved seeing friendships develop and people support each other, sharing advice and solidarity over tea and cookies from down the street (shout out to Dora’s Delicatessen and The Hearty Hooligan!)

Thankfully our space is far from the only place where this kind of magic community-building is happening. Here are some places where you can find connection and support in Hamilton!

Hamilton Moms: A grassroots group started by Hamilton moms, Lizzie & Renee, who organize walks in Gage Park, drop-in socials like story time, and events like clothing swaps! Check them out on social media to find out where they are meeting up next!


Facebook (request to join the group!):

Hamilton Babywearing Hikes: Another grassroots group started by another Hamiltonian, Juliana, whose passion for hiking led her to organize spontaneous open invite hikes for parents with babes-in-carriers! Check out the Facebook group for the next event (request to join the group):

Hamilton Postpartum: A peer support group and mental health resources facilitated by registered midwife and mom, Christine. Check out when the next meeting is, and what other postpartum resources are available here:

La Leche League Hamilton Chapter: La Leche League has been offering free breastfeeding  support internationally for decades. The Hamilton chapter hosts monthly free drop-ins covering various topics. Check them out here for more info on how to get connected:

Healthy Families Hamilton: Follow this resource hub from City of Hamilton Public Health about their free programs and events for families!

EarlyON centres: If you haven’t been to a free EarlyON program yet, you will be amazed by this completely free drop-in program! With locations all around the city, providing ECE-led activities, social time, and snacks for caregivers and kids aged 0-6. Find one near you and enjoy meeting other parents from your neighbourhood!

Queer Family Drop-in: Stay tuned with Lara of Hypnobirthing Hamilton, who is working to find a new location/community partnership for this awesome group.

Lara is also a fantastic support for parents, both pre- and post-natal — check out all she has to offer, and follow along on their social media:




Rivers & Meadows: Neighbouring our old storefront is Rivers & Meadows, an incredible hub of creativity and community for Hamilton families! They host events and groups that encourage creative exploration for all ages. Check out their next classes, or pop into their storefront to shop their curated selection of creative kids’ gifts!

The Cloth Consultant: If you shopped with us over the last several years, you’ve likely met Jen (Miss Jen of Barefoot Parenting Storytime fame!) She knew our closure was going to leave a big gap in cloth diapering support for Hamilton parents, so she started up her own project. You can contact her for cloth diapering consultations, support, repairs and rental kits!
Follow along and connect with her on social media:

- Instagram:

- Facebook (request to join the group!):

Allie Witek, Infant, Early Child & Family Support Services:
Allie is an Infant & Early Childhood Mental Health Specialist & Perinatal Mental Health Professional who provides knowledge, support, and freedom to families of children aged 0-6. Check out her list of services if you are looking for professional support with your mental health, your child’s development, parenting and family dynamics, and more!