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Babywearing 101

* We are offering carrier consults by appointment. Consults can be done in person or virtually - please contact us for more details. * 

The right baby carrier can make life so much easier and happier for your family. But the right one for your family may not necessarily be the most popular one.

In order for true love to happen, your baby carrier needs to:
Fit your body - Fit your baby - Fit your lifestyle

The best way to learn about carriers is to try some on. There's only so much you can learn from written instructions and DVDs - especially when you want to know how to wear the most precious person that ever was safely and securely. That's why a consultation or baby carrier lesson with one of our trained babywearing educators starts with us wrapping you up - so that you know what it should feel like in your carrier. We teach you how to wear your carrier safely, and won't let you go until we are all confident that you've got it. 

Has something changed? Your carrier isn't feeling as amazing as it was at first?  Maybe you're ready to try a back carry? No problem - You have our full support! Simply call or email to book a follow-up lesson for the carrier you purchased from us and we will troubleshoot or teach you a new carry.

Carrier Consultations are $10 (includes $10 off the purchase of a carrier within 30 days). Baby Carrier Lessons are free with the purchase of a carrier.

If you're looking to learn how to use a carrier you already own, lessons are $35. You can find more information on carrier lessons here.

Woven Wrap 

Chimparoo Woven Wrap
  • Fits all shapes and sizes
  • Carries babies from birth to preschool
  • No insert needed for carrying newborns
  • Multiple front, back and hip carries
  • Takes some time to learn
  • Touches the ground when you're putting it on
  • Useful as a scarf/blanket/change pad/hammock



Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) or Buckle Carrier

Beco Gemini Carrier
  • May be too big or too small for some adults
  • Structured, so may not fit your curves
  • Many require an infant insert for babies under 15lbs
  • Front and back carries. Hip carries can be awkward
  • Some ford facing options
  • Fast
  • Padding can be bulky
  • Thinner straps can be feel cooler
  • Doesn't touch the ground at all
  • Take up a lot of space

Ring Sling

Ring Slings
  • Fits every body shape
  • Good for all day up to ~15lbs
  • Good for short trips up to 35lbs
  • No insert needed for carrying newborns
  • Front and hip carries only (usually)
  • Fast
  • Compact
  • A little fussy
  • Doesn't touch the ground at all
  • Easily adjusted for breastfeeding

Meh Dai (formally known as Mei Tai) 

Meh Dai Carrier
  • Fits very nearly all shapes and sizes
  • Carries babies from birth to 35lbs
  • No insert needed to carry newborns
  • Front and back carries. Hip carries can be awkward
  • Fairly quick
  • Compact and light
  • Only touches the ground a little when you're putting it on
  • Fits high on torso when doing a back carry


Stretchy Wrap

Boba Stretchy Wrap
  • Fits every body shape
  • Can be used from birth, no insert needed
  • Comfortable until ~15lbs
  • Front carry
  • Can tie-on carrier and place baby in and out without retying
  • Can tie at home and put baby straight into carrier from their carseat or stroller
  • Soft, stretchy material feels like your favourite t-shirt
  • Material and multiple layers makes it hot, especially in summer