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About Us

Barefoot Babies is your best source for cloth diapers, baby carriers, and products for a naturally-minded family.

Come visit us to see and feel our collection of products in the store or join us in the community space for one our programs and a cup of tea!



Who are we?  Good question!

Here's the line-up (needs updating!):


Our beloved leader.  Three gorgeous kids, two cats, one tremendous husband and a coffee and yarn habit that would make you feel faint.  On the surface calm, composed and quiet, her modest demeanour belies her fierce heart, sharp wit, unparalleled courage and unimaginable strength.  Plus she's super fun and funny.  Anj decided to open a cloth diaper shop waaaay back in 2006 after finding it impossible to buy cloth diapers for her firstborn in an actual store where she could see and touch the products.  Anj works crazy hard to stock the store with the best quality products, sourced as locally as possible and made as sustainably as possible.  She takes her job as steward of the earth very seriously and prefers that we re-use, then recycle everything we possibly can from the process of running a store - every box we receive gets repurposed and only recycled when it's in unusable condition, we have a store compost and are exceedingly proud of our single, tiny trash bag on the curb each garbage day.  


Photographer, Party Planner, Homeschooler, creative Jen can and does do everything. Three kids, one hubs, and all the fun, she has a smile on her face and a helpful heart full of love no matter what life throws at her.  She will talk to you for HOURS about laundry solutions (she is our Laundry Expert), kombucha SCOBY, or anything else really.  She designs our most beautiful window displays and totally wins first place in all the costume contests!


Engineer, Hawk watcher, Axe thrower, avid Gardener, Science Educator, and rabid Games Enthusiast, Kim has environmental good times in spades.  With her faithful partner and inquisitive toddler sidekick at home, Kim mounts a daily assault on the inconsistencies of our website, helps new families figure out cloth diapering, and encourages and inspires them to find new ways to incorporate babywearing into their new lives as parents.  Compassionate, interested, and knowledgeable, she knows about pretty much everything ever.  Voted most likely to win the Nobel Prize for Pickling.


Millennial Greer, with her newlywed husband and furry dog baby, is the only one of us without human children, but whose life is filled with babies and the whole baby-having industry! Greer is absolutely the best at explaining cloth diapering to starry-eyed new parents in a way they can understand without getting overwhelmed (because there's seriously a lot of new information to learn).  Cheerful, chilled, and capable Greer is great at carrier consultations and a general joy to be around.  She loves spending time in nature and is also handy for explaining all the trends that some of us non-millennials don't get!


Sabrina, her two hilarious dogs, and her three-year-winner-of-most-charming-baby-award-winning baby are delightful.  On the surface an ordinary person, beneath beats the heart of a mischievous, fascinating, world traveller.  Sabrina, an AVID diaper collector, can explain the subtle nuances of the diaper collecting world.  But wait, there's more! She also knows a thing or two (thousand) about carriers.  She isn't in store all that often, but when she is, it's a guaranteed party! 


Every once in a while, when the stars are aligned just so, a magical presence joins us, and that is Liana.  Accomplished, graceful, and kind, within moments of her arrival, the counters are clean and organized and everything sort of sparkles without anybody even noticing. Between her two children, husband, sewing, and fairy-tale eyelash business, lovely Liana rarely has time to be with us, but every so often it happens.  You'll know it by the extra special sparkle in the air.


(Not pictured: Liana.  Bonus photo guest: Arie)