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How do I work this thing?

There's only so much you can learn from written instructions and DVDs - especially when you want to know how to wear the most precious person that ever was safely and securely.  That's why a consultation or baby carrier lesson with one of our trained babywearing educators starts with us wrapping you up - so that you know what it should feel like in your carrier.  We teach you how to wear your carrier safely, and won't let you go until we are all confident that you've got it. 

Has something changed?  Your carrier isn't feeling as amazing as it was at first?  Maybe you're ready to try a back carry?  No problem - You have our full support!  Simply call or email to book a follow-up lesson for the carrier you purchased from us and we will troubleshoot or teach you a new carry.

Carrier Consultations are $10 (includes $10 off the purchase of a carrier within 30 days).  Baby Carrier Lessons are free with the purchase of a carrier.

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